Non-Medical Transportation around Pueblo, Colorado

It may not always be possible to rely solely on the assistance from family members or friends in order to make your appointments. At Golden Gate Manor Transportation we understand the need of reliable and safe transportation, and we’re here to offer a solution.  

We are proud to now offer Non-Medical Transportation to Medicaid eligible disabled and elderly members of Pueblo City/County (including Pueblo West). Whether you need to run personal errands, or attend a family event, Golden Gate Manor Transportation can get you there.

Drivers and Appointments are Available 24/7

Holidays included!

Office Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri

How Do I Schedule a Ride?

Contact Pueblo City Cab at 719-543-2525

What Information
Do I Need?

Pick-Up Address
*First time callers will be asked additional screening questions.

If you are on Medicaid and on a Home Community Based Service Waiver,
you may be approved for Non-Medical Transportation.

Driver safety

Camera Equipped Vehicles

There are both front and rear facing cameras installed in all of our company vehicles. They have the added benefit of ensuring our drivers are not distracted. In addition they will be documenting any events that may occur while a client is utilizing our services.